Concerns over spike in robberies


Windhoek, 21 August 2022 – As Namibia’s leading public tourism service provider, Namibia Wildlife Resorts Limited is concerned with the increase in robberies, targeting our tourists in and around Windhoek in particular, and the rest of Namibia in general.


Having come from a difficult 2 years, of the Covid-19 pandemic, current tourism arrivals data point to the recovery of the tourism industry and a return to pre-Covid numbers. Throngs of tourists can be seen in some of our popular destinations such as the Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei. Demands for vehicle rentals are astronomical, showing great interest in self-drive tourism. Local guides will testify that there is a great interest in tourists wanting to visit areas such as Katutura and Single Quarters to experience the “Windhoek Life”.


With the rise in robbery and theft cases, however, our fear as a tourism company is the negative publicity that these incidences of robbery and pick-pocketing are bringing to our beautiful country. Tourists love experience, and experience would mean engaging with the locals, going out for sundowners, jogging, and strolling through town and all of its wonderful attractions without fear of harassment. Reports of robberies and theft are negative and will only prevent many tourists from coming to our country, thus, in the final analysis hurting employment in the country and the economy.


NWR would thus like to appeal to all responsible parties, including law enforcement agencies, and all town and regional tourism officers to put up strong measures that create a safe environment for our tourists.


We also appeal to every citizen of Namibia to create a safe environment for our tourists and to be ambassadors of our great country.

Shark Island lighthouse now available for bookings


Windhoek, 8 August 2022 – Namibia Wildlife Resorts Limited (NWR) recently unveiled the newly renovated lighthouse at Shark Island on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean.

Shark Island, a historical site found in Luderitz town and a popular camping spot, was last closed in 2020 to give it a “newer” and “fresher” look.


The lighthouse’ rooms and exterior have been completely renovated with its interior décor done by Namibia’s renowned interior designer Olive Rose interiors, bringing taste and tranquil naturals to both the two rooms and the kitchen. The lighthouse has a self-catering kitchen with
cutlery and plates, a kettle, and a fridge, as well as a TV in the sitting room.


A one-night stay at Shark Island will cost N$ 1000.00 per person and is self-catering. The view to the top of the lighthouse remains open, where guests can experience panoramic views that stretch over the horizon while spotting seals and pelicans that frequently appear around the site’s rocky areas.



N$ 18.07 N$ 19.09 N$ 17.42