Vision, Mission and Values

Waterberg Plateau 03 © NWR 2018

Our Vision

We provide the destinations of choice for tourism in Africa

Our Mission

We create memorable tourism experiences in a sustainable way

Our Values

We are guided by the following core values

We are responsible and answerable to stakeholders for decisions and actions.

Our personal and professional conduct are consistent with the common public good and we are trustworthy.

We are enthusiastic about serving our clients by creating memorable experiences for every visit.

Doing the right things in the right way to deliver our very best under all circumstances.

We encourage initiative and innovation.

We embrace and are guided by environmental principles in all we do.

Hosting you in Namibia's pristine protected areas

Namibia Wildlife Resorts is a State owned enterprise, mandated to run the tourism facilities within the protected areas of Namibia. Its only shareholder is the Government of the Republic of Namibia; hence, it belongs to the Namibian people. The company was created through an Act of Parliament, the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Company Act, and has been in existence since 1998.

With regards to lodging, NWR offers three different collections within Namibia’s protected areas;

1. Eco Collection Enjoy an intimate getaway within our National Parks in our environmentally friendly establishments;
2. Classic Collection Experience a wide variety of accommodation options within our National Parks and urban areas; and
3. Adventure Collection If you are a budget conscious traveller, you will certainly find an option that suits you.


NWR provides intimate park experiences through guided night drives in Etosha National Park; sunrise and sunset excursions to the majestic Sossusvlei; relaxing massages and wellness treatments using the healing properties of the natural hot springs mineral water at /Ai-/Ais – all in the company of the most passionate and professional staff.


The company also offers real adventure activities such as hikes into Namibia’s iconic landscapes on signature trails such as the Fish River Canyon – the world’s second largest canyon (four to five days and approximately 50 miles) and the Namib Naukluft Hiking Trail – considered one of the toughest in Southern Africa (eight-day/74 mile option or four-day/37 miles winding through the rugged Naukluft Mountains.


NWR offers something for everyone – whether it is photography, nature, wildlife, landscapes, geology, camping, fishing, birding, history, culture or just the pure exhilaration of finding yourself surrounded by the essence of Africa – NWR is your willing partner and host.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a State Owned Enterprise, NWR places great value and emphasis on contributing to the sustainable economic growth of the country; and to contributing to sound environmental management practices and conservation efforts. The Enviro Kidz programme is an initiative by NWR aimed at providing opportunities to children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to experience the protected areas of Namibia, and in so doing create and nurture future generations of Namibians with a love and appreciation for their natural resources and environment.