Social media influencer programme generates great interest in NWR establishments

Nakanyala Ndapewa – NWR Social media influencer at Dolomite Resort


  • NWR collaborated with ten social media influencers on its first-ever social media influencer programme to create awareness of its resorts to a younger demographic
  • The programme provided each social media influencer with an opportunity to visit any five NWR establishments to create content for various NWR social media platforms


Windhoek, 27 October 2022 – Initially, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) Limited aimed to commence its first-ever social media influencer programme on 1 November 2021. However, due to the travel restrictions, the programme officially started on 1 August 2021 and will end on 31 October 2022. The programme saw NWR collaborate with ten micro and macro social media influencers who brought unique aspects to the programme. Each influencer had the opportunity to visit any five NWR establishments under the different classifications offered by NWR. Through the collaboration, NWR offered each influencer complimentary accommodation, meals, and activities; in return, they created relevant content that was shared on the various NWR social media platforms under the hashtag #NWRMoments.


“NWR is pleased to have collaborated with the social media influencers. They assisted us in providing insights into our resorts and drove sales from their respective social media followers. We must equally acknowledge and thank each social media influencer for availing their professional services at no monetary cost. We truly appreciated their understanding though we recognise that we will have to look at ways of remunerating them in the future,” says Mr Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano, NWR Corporate Communications, Online Media and Sponsorships Manager.


Lourens Gebhardt – NWR Social media influencer at Gross Barmen


Elizma Burger – NWR Social media influencer


Marsy Rita – NWR Social media influencer at Okaukuejo


The ten social media influencers that NWR collaborated with were: Ms Elizabeth Amunyela (IG: @__ndapandula), Mr Lourens Gebhardt (IG: @louxthevintageguru), Ms Li Rossouw (IG: @lirossouw), Mr Kyle Lewin (IG: @kylelewin_wildlife_photography), Ms Pukuu Rijatua (IG: @_pukuu), Ms Maggy Lenga (IG: @mlmaggy), Ms Tjuna Kauapirura (IG: @ tjunak), Ms Marsy Rita (IG: @ ladymarsela), Ms Elizma Burger (IG: @elizma.burger) and Ms Nakanyala Ndapewa (IG: @ndapewakoneka).


The social media influencers were also excited to have been part of this journey with NWR. Ms Nakanyala Ndapewa says, “being an influencer for NWR allowed me to explore Namibia to such great lengths. I got to see breathtaking places such as Dolomite, Onkoshi and Sossus Dune Lodge. Whilst at SDL, I managed to see some amazing sunsets. This was one of my favourite moments. Something that stood out was that I got to explore the Sesriem canyon. I enjoyed every moment at SDL, and I must say they have excellent customer service”.


Ms Elizma Burger went on to say that “travelling with NWR was a wonderful journey. I had the opportunity not only to experience the beauty of Namibia but also to meet wonderful people. My trips were wonderful. I certainly created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life”.


On the other hand, Ms Marsy Rita stated that “being a part of the NWR Influencer programme was a privilege. Discovering Namibia again during the pandemic made me appreciate what the tourism industry had done and is still doing to keep afloat. The program was fun, though what was even better was knowing that my posts sparked some interest in Namibia and outside of Namibia. A few of my friends from Europe enquired about my trips to Etosha and cannot wait to travel to Namibia to have an #NWRMoment too!”


Mr Lourens Gebhardt said, “my experience visiting the NWR establishments was a memorable one. I had the chance to explore the beauty of some NWR facilities. This now provided me with the knowledge on how to sell the tourism industry well. I must commend the NWR staff for being so friendly; I will surely visit them again”.


Helen Extine – Social Media Influencer competition winner


Mariah Aron – Social Media Influencer competition winner


Hilaria Shuudifonya – Social Media Influencer competition winner


Hildeberta Luyango – Social Media Influencer competition winner


Sara – Nacky Tours – Social Media Influencer competition winner


Timo David – Social Media Influencer competition winner


“For the duration that we worked with the influencers, they were very much dedicated, accountable, and passionate about their assignment, which ensured a good working relationship. During the same period, we and the social media influencers held a competition between 6 September and 30 September 2021. The social media influencers encouraged their followers to make and fully pay for their booking at any NWR facility before participating in the competition. This then allowed their followers to be entered into a draw where they stood a chance to walk away with an accommodation voucher valued at N$ 3 500. Nacky Tours, Ms Hildeberta Luyango, Ms Helen Extine, Mr Timo David, Ms Mariah Aron and Ms Hilaria Shuudifonya were the lucky winners,” says Mr Nesongano.