NWR Hospitality Institute Celebrates Graduation of 69 Trainees in Hospitality and Tourism


Okahandja, Namibia – November 14, 2023 – The Namibia Wildlife Resorts Hospitality Institute (NWR HI) on the 13th of November celebrated the graduation of 69 trainees in various specialisations within the hospitality and tourism sector. The ceremony took place at Gross Barmen in Okahandja, marking a significant milestone in the journey of these dedicated individuals.


The training initiative, which commenced at two centers, Khorixas Rest Camp and Gross Barmen Resort, included 80 apprentices, of which 69 officially graduated. This comprehensive program was made possible through the funding provided under the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) initiative, facilitated by the Namibia Training Authority. Additionally, support was extended by the Kunene Regional Council, funding seven private students, and an additional 12 private students specialising in tour guiding.


On this occasion, 69 trainees successfully completed their courses, earning qualifications in diverse areas such as front office operations, commercial cookery, housekeeping operations, food and beverage services, and local tourism guiding at level 3. The diverse skill set acquired by the graduates positions them as valuable assets to the burgeoning hospitality and tourism industry in Namibia.


The importance of this achievement is underscored by the recognition of the tourism sector in Namibia’s National Development Plan 5 (NDP 5). The plan identifies the Tourism Industry as a pivotal contributor to the country’s economic growth. The successful graduation of these trainees aligns with the nation’s broader goals, emphasising the critical role that a skilled and motivated workforce plays in achieving economic objectives.


The NWR Hospitality Institute extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, including the Namibia Training Authority, the Kunene Regional Council, and private sponsors, for their unwavering support throughout the training program. The Institute remains committed to nurturing talent and contributing to the development of a robust hospitality and tourism sector in Namibia.


About NWR Hospitality Institute

The NWR Hospitality Institute is a leading institution dedicated to providing high-quality training and education in the field of hospitality and tourism. With a commitment to excellence, the Institute strives to produce skilled professionals who contribute significantly to the growth and development of the industry in Namibia.

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