Meet Nelson Ashipala

1. Introduce yourself


My name is Nelson Ashipala, Manager for Corporate Communications, Social Media, and MICE at the Namibia Wildlife Resorts. I am what you might call a part-time introvert. My job forces me to be out there, but technically, when the suits come off, I just want to spend time on my own in my own space.


A few moons ago, I was born in Angola, grew up in Rundu, grew up as a naughty child, always wanted to be a pilot, and an adrenalin junky. Sports loving and into running and cycling and also very calm.


2. When where you appointed?


January 2022



3. What were you appointed as?


I started here. Came from the Namibia Statistics Agency.



4. How were the first few weeks into the job?


First week was very awesome. If one does a complete career change, that is from Statistics to Tourism. My first week involved trying to understand how things work, and how I can clearly contribute to this awesome industry


5. What made you choose this career path?


To be honest, things work out very awesome. Growing up, I was fascinated by how one can work in the media industry, as TV that time was our favourite pastime. The rest as they say is history.



6. Have you always wanted to work with NWR?


I think my love for tourism is unmatched. I have been to all the continents around the world as a tourist and have travelled the length and breaths of this awesome country. Tourism and my love for it, I love it.


7. What do you enjoy most about your job?


Solving problems, creativity and all of its challenges, and of course, my love for interactions.



8. What are the challenges and success that you have faced thus far?


Having to come up with low budget ideas because of the impact Covid. One has to creatively find new ways of income generation. But my mantra is Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.



9. Any final comments?


Covid has taught us there is more to life than just living. Let us make time for what is important.