Meet Erenstine Ntjamba, AKA Raven Ntjamba

1. Can you please tell Careers, a bit about yourself? Background, etc.

I’m Erenstine Ntjamba, AKA Raven Ntjamba

“ Well, I work for the tourism industry, I have always mainly loved working in an office environment as I have qualifications in Office Admin and computer, but as fate has it, I now work in the most recognized wildlife company in Namibia as a Sales consultant”. I am very bubbly and don’t like taking things so seriously. I have always worked in the Hospitality industry, NWR being the highlight.



2. What is your job all about?

“I deal with clients reservations, bookings and customer services for our beautiful various resorts/camps, both via email and through telephone communication”. My work also entails marketing and advertising our company via telecoms, the idea is to have clients choose us over any other wildlife company in the country, and mostly, I must admit it works!



3. What have been your biggest challenges and accomplishments in your career so far?

Challenges I must say, was striving to do exactly what I love, working with clients directly. As a hospitality worker, I have worked in all aspects of the stewardess. From waitressing, cleaning as well as in an office, but only at the end did I manage to get what I love, reservations and administration.

Accomplishments, of course, finally working at the Head Office in Windhoek and learning so much more in my field, and the vast opportunities to further my studies and network more.



4. What does your typical day in office look like?

Calls, Mails, more calls!!

That is really how it mostly goes because I am a consultant, I start at eight, and from the get-go, I make bookings, answer queries, advertise our specials to clients who have not heard it yet, reply to emails and make more bookings, of course, and assist with a few walk-in clients.

The best part is, I love every moment, I try to be as accurate and honest about a question asked as possible.

When time presents itself, I research my job, my country and the industry I am in as a whole. One can never know enough about that.



5. What separates you from every other colleague in your department?

I truly think the fact that I enjoy every call, the fact that I always go the extra mile for a client, and my bubbly personality makes me different. Every client brings a little spark to my day.

Coming to work is the best part of my day, helping guests is a passion of mine and that I think, makes me different.



6. What are your loves, the things that inspire you?

I love simplicity. I love making people feel welcome and special; I love making a difference to someone’s day.

People inspire me—people, that work hard despite the obstacles, people that smile and joke despite the hardships. I am inspired by people who make something out of nothing, and those that see obstacles as a stepping stone to their dreams. People who see potential when even it is hard to spot, and people who know that attitude takes you places.



7. What advice would you give to aspiring young people out there?

Believe in your dreams, let God lead you to your destination and please, be humble, be teachable and approachable. Strive to be better tomorrow than you are today. No matter what you feel, don’t give up. You have a purpose in this world.



8. What are you future plans?

I don’t love to plan so much, God has surprised me so much in my life that I leave It all up to Him, but if Corona goes and life gets to a better stage, I want to study business administration, I do dream of being a P.A

Being here gets me excited, and for now, that is the only big plan I have.

Oh, and to gain as much experience in my field as possible.


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