Meet Annaliz Kauapirura

1. Can you please tell us, a bit about yourself?

I was born and bred at a village in Okamatapati, Okakarara Constituency. I finished my secondary school at Augustineum High School in Windhoek. I completed my Tertiary education with the Technikon of South Africa and pursued further studies with NUST though I didn’t manage to complete them due to life commitments. Before joining NWR, I worked at Dunlop Tyre as a Stock controller, after which I resigned to accompany my husband to Germany where he was posted for five years with the Namibia Tourism Board office.



2. What is your job all about?

It involves keeping track of the company’s income and expenses as well as preparing the budget and budget forecasts. Also, I am tasked with identifying financial trends and opportunities for improvement, as well as analysing and managing risk.



3. What have been your biggest challenges and accomplishments in your career so far?

I would say, keeping up with the new rules and changes in regulation and accounting standards. Maintaining and living under the expected professional status of accountants since accountants are still the most trusted source of advice for the majority of businesses.



4. What does your typical day in the office look like?

Handling enquiries from resorts on how they should handle their operations to comply with financial controls and objectives—preparing and analysing financial data as well as consulting system operators to enhance operational efficiencies.



5. What separates you from every other colleague in your department?

I take responsibility and accountability for any tasks assigned to me, and I produce results. I have unparalleled experience in what I do, acquired through many years, and I’m loyal and ethical and integral to the company. I’ve equally developed an excellent knowledge of the operational system, and sub-systems, and I have excellent analytical skills.



6. What are your loves, the things that inspire you?

God, Himself is the source of my inspiration. He is the basis for everything good and everything worth imitating. The fact that no one is insignificant in the eyes of God in the world keeps me going.



7. What advice would you give to aspiring young people out there?

Pursue a career path if not, work hard and start your own business. Only benchmark yourself with the standard of excellence. Don’t lower the standard for success in whatever you do. Never surrender your dreams and ambition because of challenges and redeem your time effectively.



8. What are your plans?

I am open to whatever opportunities may arise in the future, such as a management training program that the company may offer to enhance my management skills. I’m still eager to learn new things and grow in my profession.

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