Meet Abraham Namutewa

Tell us a bit more about yourself.


A seasoned Techie, currently employed by NWR as a systems administrator. I did a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Administration and Networks at NUST formerly known as Polytechnic of Namibia.  I worked in the tourism industry for 8 years now.



What makes you tick?


meeting deadlines, targets or goals. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project through.


You are known to be that guy that is running around fixing people’s computers. What don’t we know about you?


Am a huge fan of board games and a professional poker player.



How many hours of sleep do you get per day?


About 6 hours of sleep. Am a night owl, am always up late watching documentaries or reading up on Machine Learning.



What was your biggest achievement for 2021?


Passing my COBIT5 international certification exam on the first attempt.


Do you read the bible and if yes, what is your favourite scripture?


Not so much but my favourite verse says:

“Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.” – 1 Timothy 5:23


Lol trust me this is an actual bible verse



What makes working for NWR fun?


Seeing positive reviews from local clients when they visit the mighty Etosha for the first time really warms my heart. That alone makes me want to work for NWR forever.



What is your advice to all those that will want to give up work because of pressure?


“It gets better with time”


I know this may sound cliché but trust me it really does get better with time.





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