nwr acting managing director
Dr Matthias M. Ngwangwama - Acting Managing Director

Windhoek, 2 October 2019 – On 26 September 2019, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) sent out a media statement regarding a carcass that was found at one of its resorts. In the statement, NWR stated that they, along with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism wardens, would investigate the matter and revert to the public. The investigations concluded that the carcass did not come from a poached animal.

Dr Matthias Ngwangwama, NWR Acting Managing Director, stated that "our investigation was able to conclude that they had been a misunderstanding between the guest who filmed the video of the carcass. The carcass was being stored in our freezers for the anti-poaching unit within the Etosha National Park. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, it ended up being temporarily stored in a storeroom in the shop while the resort was waiting to create space at the freezers in the kitchen, where they usually store meat. I would, therefore, like to caution our guests that in the future, they should first verify the information they gather or are told before sharing it on social media. I believe that through this, such misunderstandings can be handled better, which will avoid the company's and country's name being unnecessarily damaged in the process".